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  • netflixat3am sent: I just found your blog and I love it. I absolutely love it. I can't even go on with my life.

    Aw, thank you dearie <3 Glad you’re enjoying yourself :)

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    AU: (Billie Piper as the Doctor) — After John was trapped in a parallel universe, the Doctor thought she’d seen him for the last time. But John never lost faith.

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    Wow I’m a liar.

    Sorry guys, I had a mood crash.

    I’ll try again tomorrow.

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    Here I am again, apologizing for the fact that I disappeared off the face of the Earth.

    I’m going to try and make a new GIFset tomorrow. I promise.

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    Please do not use GIFs from my GIFsets without my permission.

    I put a lot of work into my sets — between making the individual GIFs, coloring them, and writing the scripts, they can take me an upwards of two-three hours sometimes.

    Seeing people take them a) without my permission and b) without crediting me makes me feel like crap and not want to make any more GIFsets. If you have an inability to make GIFs, I’m sorry. But that doesn’t mean you can take mine.

    So just don’t do it.

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    Anonymous sent: What do you think will happen when John and Bille! Doc meet again after Doomsday? Oh can you do a crying Billie! Doc and John comforts here. It'd be really good for fans!

    Hmn….I never really thought about it. I dunno. I’ll have to look at my clips.

    I know I keep saying that. Sorry guys, things have been kind of rocky lately.

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    Anonymous sent: Billie Piper!Doctor at Christmas time with one of her companions

    Maybe…it would probably be John. I’ll have to take a look at clips. Lol.

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    Anonymous sent: Have you considered doing something where Billie!Doctor and John make a bet? Or have you already done that?

    A bet? Like in Tooth and Claw? I have no idea what they would be betting on though…

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    Anonymous sent: If you want to do a gifset, you could do something Fires of Pompeii-esque.

    You mean like the Doctor making a hard decision? I’ve kind of done that already…I could it again though.

    Or do you mean her ACTUALLY going to Pompeii? Because my clips are kind of limited, I don’t think I could do that with what I have…

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    Anonymous sent: Two questions. 1) Will we ever see SJ and John have a companion-off? 2) Can u do an angsty gif where the companions remember the Doctor once they left her (SJ included)

    1) Probably not, honestly.

    2) It’s actually been my headcanon that John was her first companion (I did Sarah Jane/John as a request, but I was never really that into the idea). I don’t want her to be just the Doctor in female form — I want a different backstory, something that makes her stand out, you know? I’m sorry :(

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